ABIT Ltd. is established in 1997 by Hungarian private persons. The activity of the company is focusing on the information technology (IT) related services.

These are the most important ones:

  • management and quality assurance of complex projects,
  • project administration,
  • preparing feasibility study,
  • specific application development, testing and quality assurance,
  • project management advising
  • IT expert advising.

The staff of ABIT managed large projects on both the supplier and the customer side from rising the need, through the specification, planning and testing until the implementation and closing the project. In these several year works we contributed in writing feasibility study, we lead the project, provided quality assurance and expert services for the contractual party including consortium members, in some cases supported the go-live of the developed systems.

During these works we worked together with Hungarian and multinational companies like Albacomp, AutSoft, Bull Hungary, Bull France, Euro-Profil, FreeSoHUF, Fornax, HP Hungary, IND, Invigor, Kancellár, KFKI, Oracle Hungary, Synergon, Sysman, Stratis, Tigra, T-Systems Hungary, WSH, Zalaszám, MOL, Erste Bank Hungary, Budapest Bank, Cable Data USA, CEM North Ireland, etc.

The fellows of ABIT in the last 24 years played leading roles in the projects of Hungarian Police Headquarters, Hungarian Tax Office, Social Security, Hungarian and Polish Customs, Statistical office, Ministry of Finance, Governmental Agency for IT Development, Turkish Prime Minister Office, National Office of Judiciary, National Archives of Hungary, Agriculture Research Institute, Agriculture and Country Development Office, National Healthcare Services Center, Budapest Airport Authorities, Allianz Hungary, UPC Hungary, Vodafone, KFKI, British American Tobacco Hungary, Hungarian Treasury, Prime Minister Office e-Government Center, Hungarian National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications, Lechner Knowledge Center, Historical Archive of State Security Services.

From 2007 we contributed in many EU financed large projects on the Customer side.