IT projects has been established because companies and governmental organizations have certain objectives, which can be reached using information technology as a tool.
The development and implementation of new systems is the result of a difficult and troublesome process.

If you are a manager of a company or organization where you have got similar goals then ABIT Ltd. offers years of experience gained while supplying such systems.

If you are a supplier of a complex system and you need thorough and professional project or key account management, then you can surely rely on the expertise of ABIT Ltd.

Our principle in both cases is, while taking into account the interest of the Principal, to reach the goal at the end of our activity: a successful project.

ABIT Ltd.. was established in 1997 by Hungarian private persons with the goal expressed in the previous sentence. The activity of the company mainly targets information technology related services.
Among these the most important ones are:
- Managing complex projects,
- Consulting
- Training

Office: 7678 Abaliget, Széchenyi István u. 32.   Postal address: 7614 Pécs, Pf. 165.   Tel.: +36 20 925 2595